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What is HTM?-We will strive to become a global enterprise that reaches out to the world based on our technology and trust. We will strive harder to develop new technologies and enhance quality

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specializing in testing machines, was established in 1974.
Since then, we at HEUNGJIN have been improving our
technical expertise andproduct quality in this industry.

HEUNGJIN was designated as a KS (Korean Standards)
Approval Firm in 1988 and has been supplying high
quality products.

HEUNGJIN has also obtained a Certificate from the Designated
Calibration Laboratory of the Korean government for the calibration
of Digital Type Tensile Testing Machines, Hardness Testing Machines, Miscellaneous Precision Balances, Wall-type Automatic
Balances, Balance Weights, Measuring Cylinders, Pipettes, and Burettes.

Not only HEUNGJIN is involved in the manufacture, supply, and repair of Testing Machines, but our firm also calibrates
final products.

HEUNGJIN has been giving practical and valuable support to our customers and has been making contributions to improve our product quality and measuring ability.

#126, Seungga-ro 76 beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 415-808 Korea

Tel +82-31-986-2351~2 Fax +82-31-986-2355E-mail : HEUNGJIN@HEUNGJIN.co.kr

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